Wrist and hand

Wrist and hand


Hand and wrist pain can make it difficult to complete even the simplest daily tasks. Whether the pain is a result of arthritis, a jammed finger, or numbness from carpal tunnel, it can be difficult to complete necessary jobs at work or physical activity. Often times, skilled therapy can be the difference between having a nagging hand injury that lasts for months and being pain free.

With 27 bones and 20 muscles, plus all of their associated ligaments, joints, and tendons, there are a lot of structures in the hand and wrist to injure. At iMOVE physical therapy, we will be able to determine the source of your pain and treat accordingly.


Arthritis is a common occurrence in the hand and is associated with weak grip strength, pain, and loss of range of motion in the hand and wrist. We will use an effective combination of manual therapy and exercise to improve strength and function while decreasing pain.

Along with sprains/strains and arthritis, carpal tunnel is a common cause of dysfunction in the hand and wrist. Many potential sources can refer pain in a similar pattern to carpal tunnel. we will be able to perform a full evaluation and look for other potential sources of symptoms (nerve entrapment, active trigger points, cervical dysfunction). we will use manual therapy techniques specifically for the treatment of carpal tunnel and help correct postural deficits that may contribute to the symptoms.


Manual therapy is used to decrease pain and improve the mobility of patients experiencing pain. This approach uses a combination of manipulation/mobilization techniques of joint and soft tissue designed to help patients reduce pain restore their functional movement. The complexity of the wrist and hand requires a thorough evaluation and treatment approach to ensure proper biomechanics of all involved joints.


Therapeutic exercise programs are developed and tailored to the patient’s specific diagnosis. These long-term programs are designed to address pain and limitations and to increase the likelihood of future injury prevention. Therapeutic exercise teaches patients proper movement patterns and improves strength and endurance necessary for fully healing from current dysfunction.


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